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About CIF

International Credit & Finance (CIF) is a Canadian and Hong Kong based, global risk management consulting firm dedicated to assisting financial and non-financial institutions understand, measure and manage risk.

CIF is devoted to assist in creating a healthier and more robust economic environment in developed and developing countries by helping our customers (commercial banks, other financial institutions, state-owned banks and central banks) to manage their credit, operational and market risks. CIF also helps our clients to focus on the important issues in managing their businesses such as portfolio growth and risk control by putting in place systems enabling them to finance small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) while controlling the credit risk of this type of lending.

CIF also offers innovative turnkey products to restructure banks credit risk management. This includes the design and implementation of new products adapted to local SMEs, leveling and the creation of the credit granting process, credit portfolio management, risk rating, scoring, creation and execution of a risk management department and organization structure. Our products have the objective of maximizing the effectiveness in the credit approval process and the creation, maintenance and follow-up of credit files resulting in the reduction of bad loans.  The emphasis of our approach is targeted to achieve practical, bottom-line results. Our strengths are focused on our three main product specialities: consulting, training and creating new financial institutions specialized in asset-based lending. CIF is proud to be an industry leader specializing in risk management and SME financing, an engine of economic growth in both the developing and developed world. For the past twelve years, we have built a reputation of executing our mandates competently, efficiently and completely.  Frequently, we have conducted multiple studies with clients, illustrating our ongoing commitment to their success and insuring satisfaction with our work. All of CIF’s intervention implements best practices as outlined in Basel II & Basel III recommendations. Our partners, employees and consultants all have deep experience with world class global financial institutions such as Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, BNP Paribas Hong Kong, Barclays Capital Asia Limited, Bear Stearns & Co, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, The African Development Bank and BlackRock Financial Management.

For the last four years, CIF has conducted more than twenty-two (22) projects for such organizations as the IFC, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank and Canadian International Development agency (CIDA). CIF mandates were performed around the globe;  in Africa (Ivory Coast, Benin, Mauritius, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Niger), Asia (China, Philippines, Bangladesh and Hong Kong), North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt),  North America (Canada) and the Caribbean region (Haiti and Barbados).